No More Waiting Rooms.
No More Waiting in Line.

When you or a family member needs a prescription,
the last place you want to be is waiting in a room or
standing in line with sick people.

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Convenience at Your Fingertips

Step 1 – Create Your Online Account

Register and get access to our online tools to place orders and/or schedule virtual visits

Step 2 – Upload Your Prescription

If you have a prescription, please select the “upload your prescription” button.

Upload Your Prescription

Step 3 -Place Your Order Online
or Speak with Us Directly

You can Shop with UBACARE Pharmacy from your tablet,
laptop and smart phone.

Go Shopping

Step 4 – Get Your Items Delivered
to Your Doorstep

Stay in the comfort of your home and don’t stand in line waiting for your prescription to be filled at your local pharmacy.

Step 5 – Request Refills Online
or Save Time Using Auto Refill

We can automatically refill your medications before you run out. We will notify you when your prescriptions are ready for shipping via text message or email.

Automated Refill

No Prescription,
No Problem

Schedule an Online Appointment with
Our Doctors to Get a Prescription

Schedule Appointment
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Seeing a Doctor
Has Never Been




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